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The Revolution Will Not be Televised!



From the sensible....

...to the sublime.

Computer-based audio was everywhere at this years CES.

"We don't have a CD Player" was the catch-phrase this year. I cannot remember how many rooms didn't have a CD player when I requested to hear some of my CDs. I've been using the Memory Player since it's inception back in '05, but now it appears everyone joined into the computer-audio craze making it official: computer-based audio has taken a firm grasp on the psyche of the high-end audio industry. The more I travel to these events, the more apparent they've become. So much in fact, I no longer raise my brow when I see ultra-priced rigs  driven by iPads and the like. 

Here's just some of what I saw at this year's event....



News of my death has been greatly exaggerated!

The irony to all this digital craze is vinyl popularity has increased hughly. The influx of LP's, turntables, phono-stages, cartridges, tone-arms and all the other peripherals needed to make a vinyl rig sing has also taken a major step forward at these events... Here's but a few....

Captured a great, but short, video of Scott Scheaffer in the Lotus Group suite setting up this Hanss T-60 'table. An interesting look at the art of 'table setup here.



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