The Au24 Modular Line Array looked alluring and sounded inviting. John McDonald, partner, and Richard Smith, designer, sat Henry and me down for a listening session. The Au24ís are stackable loudspeakers, with an incredibly low moving mass of 1.8 grams each, allowing for rise times similar to electrostatic designs. Starting prices begin at $7,000 for a powered pair and $3,500 for the un-powered version. An all-out, fully stacked array of Au24 Modules ($55,000) brings distortion levels down to whatís normally expected from amplifiers. Each Au24 Module is powered by two 100-watt-continuous RMS, audiophile quality, minimalist amplifiers built specially to power the Au24 Modular Line Array. The amps do not limit performance in any way. For further info, go to

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2001 CES - Au24 Modular Line Array