Reporters and industry folk taking a break in each othersí company. Fom my right shoulder, Mr. Kazuo Sawada of Sawada Audio, BMB reps Freddie Tham and Karen Kho. Jim Schaffer, partner of Jay Bertrand (seated next with friend), exclusive distributor of electronics from such dignitaries as Forsell, and Zanden Audio. At the other side of the dinner table, front, probably full and certainly happy, is Mr.Yamada of Zanden Audio. His dad, Kazutoshi Yamada, looks proudly on while another BMB delegate, Masao Fukata, looks into camera. Master of Ceremonies Robert Lee, formally of Harmonic Technology, now leading his own Acoustic Zen, is all smiles. Next to Robert is another Lee, Seng Tuan Lee, maker a new line of exciting loudspeakers, Mussť Audio. Peaking out for a smile is column tubeaholic Lou "Left Channel" Lanese. Henry Wilkenson, another ST contributor, lends his support next to Todd -- damn! canít recall his last name, our Direct TV-HDTV expert, and completing the circle, moi. Not shown is writer / audio maven Jim Saxon and Delve Audioís Oliver Solomon.

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2001 CES - Remember The Titans