The Eoss Soundpoles 2K also fall into the unusual looking / musical category of speaker systems. These 6-foot by 3-an-3/8-foot "poles" are four-piece systems that include two downward firing subwoofers. The Soundpoles come in two versions, the Musiko and the Virtuso. The frequency responses of both are claimed to be from 150hz to 19Khz with a sensitivity of 87dB. The Virtusos have a slightly higher power-handling capability of 105 watts, as opposed to 95 watt for the Musikos. The subs have a frequency response of from 35 Hz to 220 Hz. They also differ in their power handling with the Virtuso at 150 watts as opposed to 100 watts for the Musiko. One of the design goals is to combine the transient response of planars with the dynamic capabilities of conventional speakers. I would characterize the sound as unobtrusive, fast, open, and transparent. The speakers blend well with the subs, providing a pleasing full-range sound overall. Once again, the word inexpensive does not apply here. The Musikos retail for $5,700, the Virtusos for $7,700.

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2001 CES - EOSS