The Halcros were driving a pair of JM Labs Metzzo speakers with the SONY SCD-1 as the front end. A great deal of care must be used when selecting components to be used with these amplifiers. Their very revealing nature will show up the flaws and character traits of anything connected to them. Simply put, these amps are among the best that I have ever heard. They are extremely transparent, yet never hard or overly detailed. They display a relaxed and effortless quality, presenting the music in a way that made you forget about the system. These mono amps are something that you will be hearing a great deal about. Their sonic goodness will set you back about $22,000 per pair.

I should point out that in this room, as well as the others that I visited, I saw no acoustic treatments or line conditioners in evidence. Overall, the rooms were less than sonically ideal. I was therefore impressed with any system that produced good sound under difficult conditions.

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