Impact Technology’s AirFoil V Loudspeakers ($30,000) made quite stir at the St. Tropez strapped to a hard-to-get, harder-to-hold pair of Convergent Audio Technologies amplifiers. The photo cannot convey the speaker’s odd dispersion characteristics. About this multi-driver line array, with coupling woofer, the product’s website states in part: "This is a true line source with excellent imaging and extended vertical and horizontal dispersion. The panel takes advantage of the ultra-low distortion and wide bandwidth of the individual drivers to achieve stunning resolution and transparency. The array covers frequencies from 170 Hz to over 20 kHz, eliminating the need for crossover points in the critical mid frequencies. This insures remarkable reproduction of inner detail and preserves phase and time accuracy." Let’s call it works in progress.

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2001 CES - Impact Technology’s AirFoil