In Talonís second room, the new Peregrines were on display. The speakers feature a new cabinet design and several other refinements. The Roland Research preamplifier and the Electrocompaniet Nemo power amp and the Electrocompaniet CD player completed the acoustic picture. The speakers sat on a pair of serious stands designed by Max Coffey of Orchard Bay Acoustic, Inc. Constructed of steel and brass, the stands employ five sand-fillable columns. A set of Aurio Audio Isolation Media Bearings did duty between the stand columns and the speaker. While the current version of the Peregrines is still available, the new version will cost $11,000 per pair with the Orchard Bay Stands going for an additional $1,000. These new Peregrines sounded clear and open, and imaged very well. Here again, Talon has come up with a very musical speaker.

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2001 CES - Talon