I found the Von Schweikert room of particular interest. During my first visit, I heard the VR-4 Gen IIIís driven by a pair of Bel Canto EVo 200.4 400 watt class-T Digital Amplifiers. The VR-4ís are a four-way system using a triple-chambered transmission line and two-piece stacking enclosure system. The impedance is 6 ohms average and the sensitivity is rated at 89dB @ 1w/1m. The overall tonal balance was a bit on the warm side with a solid low end and very good top-to-bottom coherence. The VR-4ís get my vote for the best sound for the money, far better in fact than their $3,995-the-pair price tag would indicate. The 200.4ís provided plenty of solid, clean power that contributed greatly to overall quality. While these amps are a bit hefty in weight and power, they run cool, seeming to generate no heat at all. At $3,795 for the 400-watt and $2,395 for the 120-watt models, they require a must listen.

On my second visit to the Von Schweikert room, the same amps were driving the VR7ís. These speakers provided a larger sonic picture and greater transparency. However, I did find them to be a touch cooler in tonality than the VR-4ís. I didnít get a chance to hear the VR-5ís. I hope to get the chance in the near future.

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2001 CES - Von Schweikert