We stopped in the Wavelength room to hear the skinny about Gordon Rankinís Wavelength Cardinal amplifiers. Too bad that I didnít see the Cardinals, but Iíve got to tell you the companyís new 15-watt Tritans ($10,000), are simply gorgeous. With Nirvana Audio cables through a pair of JM Lab loudspeakers, the Tritan proved a delight. Equipped with a newer circuit design, the Tritan also sports a new input tube in the 6C45PI, and a high-transconductance tube that drives the 300B with authority. As to their new Sine New Century Edition preamplifier ($5,000), how much simpler can things get? With three inputs and one full tape loop, the Sine runs on batteries! That's right, batteries. This preamp is one of the quietest out there. An optional remote for the couch potato.

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2001 CES - Wavelength