Lavardin is a French company specialized in the manufacturing of solid state pre and power amplifiers. They claim that: "as soon as the memory effect of solid state circuits is reduced, all the improvements that transistor technology handles (like unlimited power, accuracy, very low harmonic distortion) can be added to the most alive and silky musical rendition of the best single-ended monotriod design".

The system consisted of Lavardin electronics complemented by a Sony SCD-1 SACD player and Sonus Faber Guarneri speakers.

The sound was detailed, natural and had body. It seemed a little forward though.
There was a CD cover placed on the left of Sony's top drawer (see picture).

They told me that it was put there to prevent light infiltration inside the CD housing. Then we tested with and without the CD cover and it seemed to me that the feeling of depth and airiness increased with the cover in place. This may be a valuable tweak for Sony SCD-1 owners. Worth experimenting, it costs nothing.


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