This room was featuring Ocellia's Kedros speakers driven by Verdier 845 Single Ended mono power amps and Tron preamp. The CD player was a prototype placed in a wooden box.

Ocellia speakers have thin walls built like a musical instrument. They claim that thicker walls are damping vibrations but this is done at the expense of musicality. They further claim that dimensions, thickness, types of wood, joints and varnish are all elements that influence the final result. A very unique and interesting approach indeed!!!

This wasn't the first room I had visited and therefore I had heard the same test CD's of mine already on different rooms but for the first time the music was so much alive. Everything else seemed dull or veiled compared to this. Was it because of Ocellias or the Single Ended Verdier amplifier, I don't know. But something was very positively different in this room. The sound was natural, relaxed and devoid of fatigue. There were also some shortcomings: bass was not controlled enough and the trebles seemed rolled-off. But overall a very musical sound indeed.

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