Tannoy were displaying their new Dimension TD12 speakers. They incorporate Tannoy's new SuperTweeter (which extends the frequency response to 54 kHz) and a "Dual Concentric" drive. It is claimed that the SuperTweeter also improves the low frequencies' performance. See the picture of the transparent plexiglass model of the speaker.
Tannoy is also offering the SuperTweeter as a separate item to be used in combination with other speakers. I was expecting to hear an on-off demo of the separate SuperTweeter but unfortunately this was not available at the show.

The electronics were solely by Marantz and included their new SACD player.

With its full bodied midrange the sound had a sweet and velvety character. Although pleasant, it seemed too sweet to my taste. Low frequencies were extended but not too defined (this may also be due to room placement).

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