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Acoustic Zen Technology
ACOUSTIC ZEN TECHNOLOGIES was founded by legendary cable design engineer ROBERT LEE. It is a research-oriented cable product development company. The aim from the company's outset was to explore acoustical behavior and the sonic transmission of live music in order to make innovative cable designs that build upon recent advances in materials research and manufacturing.


Almarro Products
Designers of custom made high-efficiency amplifiers and loudspeakers from Japan. We take pride in our design concepts and goals of becoming a well-known name among discerning music lovers.

Ascendo was founded in 1999 in Germany as Research and Development Cooperation, strongly supported by the German Government. The Company has three major fields of working: Loudspeaker Systems, Digital Room Correction and Acoustical Measuring Systems. Ascendo Loudspeakers have four basic constructive features: modular design, mechanical and electrical decoupling, variable Time-Alignment and three way SASB-Technology. The technical results are loudspeakers with an ideal impulse response.

Audes USA
Established in 1959 as a transformer and cable manufacturing facility for the Soviet Ministry of Defense. Since 1984, we have been manufacturing high fidelity loudspeakers and speakers units. Since 1992, established an in-house manufacturing facility to produce cabinets for the loudspeakers.

Today our company represents a large manufacturing facility. Plan has total land area 100,000 sq. meters in addition to six engineering buildings. In 1992 our company was reorganized into the Limited Liability Company.

Audio Consulting of Switzerland

Audio Consulting was founded in January 2001. With our products and for the last ten years we have been trying to provide what we call “emotion in sound”.

We believe that "Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from eyes of woman."
(Ludwig van Beethoven)
…and in order to achieve this we have to keep in mind that "Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler."
(Albert Einstein)

More about our philosophy here

Behold GmbH
The quality resulting from our development efforts does not exist elsewhere in the audio world.

Bel Canto Design
Bel Canto Design grew from the quest to achieve the ultimate musical satisfaction from an audio system. This quest began in 1986 with the discovery of the inherent sonic qualities and musical presence of a nearly forgotten technology, the Single-Ended Triode amplifier.

Bybee Technologies
Jack Bybee's Quantum Purifiers were originally developed for military applications, many of which are still highly classified. These amazing devices have been used for years by knowledgeable audio and video enthusiasts to reach levels of signal purity and transparency unattainable prior to their introduction.

Cable Company
The Cable Company is more than just the world's leading retailer of specialty audio cables. Our real specialty is providing the best information available on all aspects of high performance audio, and, for our US customer, offering nearly every cable, powerline product, and resonance control product for in-home evaluation through our famous Library service.

Coconut Audio

Coconut-Audio tweaks are for the serious audiophile who are looking for a no compromise solution for their audio systems for a lower cost than standard approaches. Our tweaks were designed to make your system reach its full potential with its 100% efficiency. This is something no active high-end power conditioner and filter can ever do.

Our tweaks stay out of the way to unleash the maximum dynamic power to your system while cleaning the noise from within.

Digital Amplifier Company
Our patented technology overcomes the key issues that plague solid state amps and tubes. We deliver the detail. High power with super low noise and distortion. We deliver sound so good, you'll hear things in your existing music collection that you never knew were there. It's all about precision. We sell direct and hand build each unit to offer this amazing technology at a very reasonable price. Our customers know quality when they see (and hear) it, and they appreciate the difference a great amp can make.

Dynamic Design
ynamic design's mission is to design and build products that are market leaders at their respective price points, which continuously deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

Elliott Studio Arts
Elliott Studio Arts designs and builds quality affordable vacuum tube audio gear for the ‘real-world’ music lover. Our products will satisfy the audiophile and thrill the music lover with their attractive styling and wonderful sound, and are designed to give many years of musical satisfaction and add fun to your listening experience. At Elliott Studio Arts we strive to produce products of the highest quality and best value for the dollar. Each unit is hand built right here in America using robust construction techniques and quality modern parts, assembled the old fashioned way- by hand.

Fast Audio
There is a growing international interest in Acoustic System products. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone if you are interested in distributing or selling these exciting sound tuning elements in your country. You may as well call Acoustic System International in Paris, France: phone +33-1-42099817.

Hephaestus Audio
Hephaestus Audio offers the highest power density of any audiophile amplifier – with a noise floor that rivals that of the best linear amplifiers. From the 1st Watt to the 1000th Watt the sound is smooth, clean, and powerful.

Highend Electronics
Experts in highend audio tuning!

Highend-electronics founded in Vienna, Austria, is now based in Apple Valley, in the California High Desert - halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Highend-electronics is especially adept at premiering high-quality European high-end audio products in the United States and establishing their presence within the audiophile base of US music lovers.

Jaton USA
Excite Your Senses

Jaton started out form our Operetta amplifiers and continues to deliver the pre-amps, speakers, and CD players. Our achievement is to provide a whole match up system with the higher performance, quality with a great value to the consumer. Let’s us to excite your senses.

Laufer Teknik
Imagine a company that is passionately dedicated to bringing together the most advanced audio products in the world for one purpose: the reproduction of music, pure and simple. We are Laufer Teknik and the US Distributor for Behold, Ascendo, Halcyonics and Podium. LAUFER TEKNIK is dedicated to bringing products to market that fulfill the love of music.

LessLoss Audio Devices
The Blackbody is a high-tech audio accessory which greatly enhances your audio playback experience by addressing the interaction of your audio gear's circuitry with ambient electromagnetic phenomena and modifying this interplay. The Blackbody takes advantage of the quantum nature of particle interaction, and is therefore able to permeate metal, plastic, wood, and other barriers to affect the circuitry inside your components. This altered electromagnetic influence results in profoundly improved sound quality.

Luminous Audio Technology
Luminous Audio Technology was created with one goal in mind, to bring music lovers closer to the recorded musical truth. This quest for musical accuracy was shaped by the desire of our founders to provide music lovers with an affordable alternative to high-end hype.

In 1991, UP-OCC had been granted by Professor Dr. Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan to introduce the innovation ofn Ohno Continuous Casting Process in to the Hi-fi industry. This technology is very different compare to the traditional of the cooled mold to produce the pure used the heated mold in one of process instead of cooled mold to produce the pure single crystallized copper.

Nordost’s design mandate is to minimize electrical interactions within the cable, but this goal is difficult to achieve; for example, inductance and capacitance are opposing electrical forces, with the result that reducing one tends to increase the other. The only way to win this “Juggling Act” is with a series of parallel, conductors, the distinctive array that makes Nordost speaker cables both unique and instantly recognizable.

PS Audio

To deliver the experience by building the finest high-value home entertainment products in the world.

PTE Acoustics

Our products demonstrate the clear advantages of powered loudspeakers. We firmly believe that the powered speaker is so superior to its passive counterpart that the educated listener will hear its superiority.

Origin Live
Origin Live is a specialist Hi-Fi manufacturer. The firm started in 1986 because of a natural enthusiasm for music, which developed into designing and building a wide variety of Hi-Fi equipment. The company now distributes it’s products through specialist Hi Fi dealers in the UK and also exports to the USA, Europe and Far East. For arm modification work, upgrades / accessories and turntable kits customers use direct mail. This has now covered orders from over 35 countries world wide.

Red Dragon Audio
Free Shipping in the USA!
45-Day In Home Trial Period
If you don't love these amps ship them back for a full refund.

Silent Running Audio
It is our quest at Silent Running Audio to continue development and fabrication of our world-class isoBASE product line…the world's only custom-built isolation & resonance control system. A Silent Running Audio isoBASE will ensure that every last piece of musical information is truthfully extracted from your high-end audio or video system.


Stein Music
Holger Stein, designer, inventor, and owner of Steinmusic, has quite a few products to his credit. These include amplifiers, turntables, CD players, loudspeakers, cables, and some unusual tweaks, like cable and LP demagnetizers. Stein's a one man show. He's the German equivalent of Japan's Ken Ishiguro (Mr. Acoustic Revive). I recall seeing Stein's Masterclass electronics at the Munich High End Show. And I actually met him at this year's CES where he was just there walking the show. He never mentioned any of his products to me then or anytime thereafter. To my mind, that alone spells class and confidence, particularly in an industry where self-promotion is the norm.


The essence of musical performance is what VAC is all about. In the art and science of audio, VAC products are masterpieces because they allow each recorded performance to be the masterpiece the musicians intended.

Von Schweikert Audio
The goal of each Von Schweikert Audio model is to provide a word-class reference product that can be used for both professional applications and home use. Each model is uniquely endowed with engineering breakthroughs combined with the latest technology in driver design, psychoacoustics, and aesthetic design.

Founded in 1988, Wadia is one of the first high-end audio companies dedicated to the development of high-performance digital audio products. Wadia was formed by a group of engineers from the Minneapolis-based 3M Corporation who were committed to using advanced digital technology to improve the performance of early digital audio equipment.

Xtreme Fidelity
XtremeFidelity is a “two-channel” high-performance audio dealer located in northern New Jersey. We represent a very select group of premium audio product lines that we feel are the best-of-breed. Through our dedicated, home-based listening rooms, we offer a relaxed, informative, and most importantly, enjoyable music listening experience.

Established in 2002 and located in Denver Colorado, USA, YG Acoustics is both a high-end loudspeaker manufacturer and a high-tech research firm. Whereas most other loudspeakers are designed using off the shelf program, YG Acoustics utilizes proprietary software developed in-house, with algorithms originating from aerospace and other cutting edge industries.