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Starting with the exorbitantly priced ($15,000) Classe Omega preamp, source material was supplied by either a Classe or Sony SCD-1 SACD Player, or, get this, the Augan digital recording workstation provided by Turtle records. The Augan machine, which is essentially a computer, played standard CD's at 24/192 as well as DSD! It doesn't stop there. A dCS 954 digital to digital processor was also noticed among these super digital products. All cabling was by way of newcomer First Impression Music (FIM), which looks quite impressive, I should note. The equipment stands provided by German based, Luis Fernandez of Finite Elemente The room treatment certainly caught this tweakaholic's eye. The columns were designed and built in Italy by Acustica Aplicata, an Italian based company. None of this was simply dropped for aesthetics, but carefully chosen using software based room measurements, with room treatments placed accordingly.

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The Avalon Room