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The legendary Jeff Rowland stands in admiration of his newest line of products. Product literature handed out in his room states: "The recent development of digital sources capable of greatly enhanced playback resolution brings a wealth of design challenges to the world of high end audio. To meet these demands, innovative solutions to the inherent limitations of current amplifier design had to be developed to fulfill the promise of today's new digital formats". Thus, (from left to right) forms the latest Model designations in the 150 watt per channel Model 10, ($6800). The (center) Model 12 ($13,400), rated at a cool 200 watts per with separate power supply per channel. The Model 112 (right), rated as a 150 watt stereo amplifier is one good looking device. The Model 112 utilizes a machined solid aluminum billet chassis that serves not only as an elegant testament to Jeff Rowland Design Group's well earned reputation for superior artistic design, but offers a completely non resonant and RF/EMI shielded platform from with the musical presentation can begin. One thing is certain when one glances upon these beautiful finishes, Jeff Rowland builds some of the most beautiful electronics in the world.

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Jeff Rowland