The StereoTimes Most Wanted Components
Ralph Glasgal
1 July 2001

My list is rather exotic but it produces great surround sound for classical music, opera or ballet.

Two Sound Lab Ambiostats in Ambiopole Configuration (45 degree concave electrostatic panels with mechanical or software crosstalk cancellation) CUSTOM MADE, ONLY PAIR IN EXISTENCE AND THUS PRICELESS

Sixteen Sound Lab Surrstats (Large horizontal surround electrostatic speaker panels that deliver hall ambience but are transparent to incident sound so that they do not inadvertently reflect direct sound.) Custom made

Four Sunfire Signature Subwoofers

Four Sony DRE-S777 Concert Hall Ambience Convolvers: $10,000 each Generate the 16 surround signals from real stored concert halls for all CDs, LPs, DVDs, DTS, DD etc.

Publisher’s Choice Award!

One TACT 2.0 Room/Speaker Corrector $2,950
Reviewed 11/3/99

Nine TACT Millenium Amplifiers $10,000 each

Technics DVD-A10, $450
ELP-Laser LP/78 Optical Player $13,000

Cedar DC-1 Declicker and Analog to Digital Converter $10,000 (To convert analog sources such as the ELP to digital

DTI Digital Distribution Amplifier (Splits and amplifies digital signal to drive multiple digital inputs)

AES/EBU Digital XLR cables $15 (all digital system except for speaker leads) Armstrong four inch fiber glass room treatment

Sony VAIO LCD 18 inch high resolution flat panel monitor $2,500 (to view opera/concert LD and DVD-Vs).