The StereoTimes Most Wanted Components - 2001
Marshall Nack
1 July 2001

Loudspeaker: Eggleston Rosa: $9,900


Reviewed 10/11/00. These speakers made me realize how much I was mentally compensating while listening. Low level detail had been present before but you had to fetch it up, and flesh it out. Now it was present in full bloom without any effort on my part. The notes I assumed comprised a melody were now distinctly audible. Note: similar to the HT Magic PC these speakers seem to extend the frequency range with a greater span between the low and top frequencies. The result is the presentation becomes a lot more exciting. Most often overheard comment: these speakers are fun to listen to". That about says it all.

Equipment Rack: PolyCrystal Rack System: Price varies

Reviewed 4/9/01. Amazing stuff! PC products provide mega performance gains. I view the rack and amp stands as necessities in my system. These get my unequivocal recommendation. I also think they represent good value. Yes, they're expensive. My three-shelf UHD 19-inch rack retails for $900, about the same price as a one-meter interconnect of the brand I'm currently using. But these PC pieces easily surpass the benefits of a single cable upgrade. Itís more on the order of an upgrade to a Class-A amplifier.

Harmonic Technology Magic Power Cords: $1500

These heavy, unmanageable, expensive blue snakes will set your wallet back a good bit, but they have remained an integral part of my reference system since I encountered them, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. You'll immediately notice the presentation becomes BIG. Stage width, depth, and the space between instruments all seem larger. Images are more solidly located in space and don't wander about. Individual instrumental parts are more distinct. And the whole sound stage has more weight.