The StereoTimes Most Wanted Components - 2001
Paul Szabady
1 July 2001

Sound Lab Dynastat Loudspeakers ($3870):  Though less-trumpeted than the Martin Logans and Innersounds, this electrostatic/dynamic hybrid offers an easy 8 ohm load, 88 db sensitivity, flat response (in room) to 26 Hz and the seemless magic of electrostatic reproduction. Can be driven by simple 30 watt tube amps and the 47 Gab Gaincard 4706 25 watt solid state amp to produce glorious sound. No need for ultra-expensive King Kong amps, so a hidden bargain.

Analysis Plus Oval 9 Copper Speaker Cable $299 and Interconnect $630 per meter: Reviewed 5/8/00. The most believable cabling I've heard for orchestral music tonality. Very reasonably priced.

Sakura Systems' 47 Lab Gaincard 4706 Power Amp $1500:  Reviewed 3/16/01. This novel and diminutive 25 watt/channel solid state amplifier set new standards in bass reproduction and in nailing the sound of the piano and violin. Lyric intelligibility first-rate.

Linn Sondek LP12 Turntable: still the table to beat as far as musical communication goes.

Shure V-15VxMR (MM $275), Goldring Eroica LX (low-output MC $325), Audio Technica AT OC9 (low-output MC $200), Denon DL160 (high-output MC $180): Who says you have to spend $1000 minimum for a good cartridge? Not I.

Musical Surroundings Phonomena phono preamp w/optional Battery Power Supply ($600/$600): Reviewed 1/4/01. Superb flexibility in loading and gain to match and tweak any cartridge. Forgiving and romantic stock; transparent, lucid, and naturally detailed with optional battery power supply.

The Disc Doctor Record and Stylus Cleaner: Simply the state-of-the-art. Cheap, and you don't need a vacuum machine. Makes every other record cleaning system sound broken. Time-consuming but well worth the effort.

The Ringmat Turntable Mat ($89): Ingenious, clever, effective and no clamping needed. Far superior to lossy elastomer and hard acrylic mats.


























































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