The StereoTimes Most Wanted Components - 2001
Les Turoczi
1 July 2001

TANNOY System 1000 Loudspeaker.

This is a professional speaker system designed for a wide range of midfield monitoring applications, largely professional. The Tannoy employs a 10" Dual Concentric driver in a unique cabinet design. Specifications: Sensitivity of 94 dB / 1 W @ 1m; nominal impedance 8 ohm; frequency response 45Hz-20kHz; bass reflex enclosure; power handling is 100-200w; approximate size 13"21"12". Price $2000/pr.

This speaker is stunningly revealing. Studio monitor speakers are, after all, meant to convey all there is to hear, and the Tannoy 1000 does it in spades. I have heard them in domestic settings, including my own home, and find them to be much like research tools. That is to say, with regard to my recording interests in live acoustic concerts to DAT, knowing what the microphones captured is significant information. In the past, I have listened to other monitor speakers, including older designs from JBL, Westlake, and even (heaven forbid) Yamaha. The Tannoy 1000s have the overall best balance of critical information resolution and long-term listenability that I have heard under reasonable listening conditions. Transient speed, especially in the bass, is quite impressive and the overall presentation does good things for all types of music. Loud rock does seem to be especially well served by these units; however, bass augmentation via a powerful and extended subwoofer really is in order to round out the tonal story. The dual concentric (aka coaxial) nature of the 10" driver really is the secret behind this system's sonic success. Interestingly, other models in the Tannoy pro line do go lower in the bass but at a cost regarding articulation and speed.

I know of a local rock musician/aficionado who is now using the 1000s without subwoofers and getting great enjoyment from them, especially at high spls. As soon as his budget permits, a pair of matching Tannoy powered subs are on their way. God help his neighbors!

I like the Tannoy 1000 speakers for many reasons, including the fact that they do things effectively but differently when compared to  my long-standing Nestorovic System 12A Mark II satellite/subwoofer resident speakers. If my own budget could handle it, these high-value Tannoys would be in my home, both for use as monitors (of the DAT taped concert material) and for my general music collection. I don't think that these differing perspectives are at variance. Happy listening!


























































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