The Stereo Times Fifth Anniversary Party




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The Stereo Times Most Wanted Awards and Fifth Anniversary Party was an absolute success thanks to all the audiophiles from NY, NJ, CT and PA who showed up along with well over thirty manufacturers! Over 100 well wishers were in attendance to applaud the recipients of this year's winners.



Good food, good folks coincided with good commentary was the order of the day. With almost summer-type weather and excellent appetizers to go with the main course, and a multitude of designers, this was an audiophiles dream come true.



Former Audiophile Society vice-prez Bill "The Brass Ear" Brassington was all smiles welcoming all his old friends and acquaintances (shaking hands with Lou Manno, Audio History Library prez). Bill's retired and presently resides in sunny Arizona. On the right is Gotham prez Dave Schwartz.


The Stereo Times crew showed up in force! (L to R) AV guru Dr. Todd Mitchell, Copy Editor Dave Thomas, Key Kim, yours truly, Mike "The Right" Wright, managing editor Greg Petan, music editor Nelson Brill and my bible packing aunt Nona, who prayed over and blessed everyone who walked through the door were all smiles. Stay tuned for much more on this historic event.



Here's another photo taken earlier in the day with Greg Petan, myself, Key Kim, Lynn and Marshall Nack and Todd Mitchell.